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All the tools are now self-managed so we now no longer need access to ANY of your customer data.

IT Support Companies (MSP)…
How to get Monthly Recurring
Revenue AND keep YOUR clients
safe from Cybercrime on Office 365


MSP Easy Tools

MSP Easy Tools is a suite of software tools that work continuously on Microsoft Office 365 accounts
They provide genuine benefits that EVERY business ought to have access to.
You manage EVERYTHING yourself. It’s all in your hands, which is exactly how it should be.
We never need to see your customers details – that’s your business not ours.

This is more than just a bunch of security tools…

This is a proven way of generating a sizeable monthly recurring income stream with minimum effort:

Monthly Recurring Revenue

We have developed a set of tools that markedly increase your profits for almost zero work and effort. You simply pay a fixed monthly fee for the tool no matter how many clients you sign up. A huge boost to your monthly income with minimum work.

Protection from Cybercrime for your clients

We are all at risk from those pesky cyber criminals but with MSP Easy Tools your clients will have the added protection and peace of mind knowing that they have additional protection that is simply not available anywhere else.

Enhanced Reputation

It’s difficult as an MSP to standout ‘from the crowd’. But with the ability to offer MSP Easy Tools to all of your clients you have suddenly enhanced your reputation.
You have products that are needed by every business in the UK and beyond.  Suddenly you have given yourself a unique and distinct selling point.

MSP Easy Tools explained…

A description and short video detailing what each tool delivers


Stop the endless calls from clients about sync error problems with Office 365. Wave goodbye to duplicate documents and stress – say hello again to your hairline.

Email Forwarding Alerts

These alerts are designed to notify you promptly of any forwarders that have been set up on yours/your client’s emails, so you can act fast before any damage is done. With a simple click of a button contained within the emails alert, you can accept or reject the forwarder. And don’t worry if you miss the email. It won’t stop sending until you have responded. Be a real-time superhero and help your clients to fight off cybercrime.

Admin Monitoring

Makes sure your and your clients are notified when any new admin account/admin changes are made in your/their Office 365 accounts to keep everyone in control of their data and documents. Impressive

Spoofing Protection

Whenever an email is sent to you/your customers, it automatically checks for possible spoofing, by running checks against the name and domain. If it finds a match, it lets the user know by splashing a warning across their email. No more clicking on dodgy links in spoofed emails. Powerful!.

Location Monitoring

Automatic alerts are sent to you and your customer whenever a login is spotted from a suspicious location. What’s more, you/your customer can choose the zone you want monitoring based on country, region, city, IP address. Exclusions can also be added for example if someone is working away. It’s in your control!

Licence Tracker

Gives an immediate report of the customer’s Office 365 licenses and who they are allocated to, making it really easy for you to answer that customer queries in seconds – yes it’s all at the touch of a button. Plus, every time a new license is added/removed you get a real-time email notification. And, every month you get a report emailed showing all of your customers’ Office 365 licenses and any changes from the previous month. What a time saver!

Office 365
Security Audit

This one for you! Do you always remember to add tracking to your customers’ Office 365 accounts? Are you sure your engineers do? Well, this system ensures that it is always activated and even if someone accidentally or maliciously turns it off, it reactivates it again. New company starter? No worries. It’s automatically activated. So next time you need to see where something went wrong, you know you’ll have the log.

The Security Report

Remove the painstaking task of collating admin security for GDPR from your to-do-list. With this little tool, this can simply be done with the touch of a button. A necessity for any regulated industries you may have. Revolutionary

FREE 1 Month Trial
MSP Easy Tools is proven with hundreds of businesses. We are so confident that you will love the products that we offer everyone that has a demo 1 months FREE trial.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about the MSP Easy Tools? Check out our frequently asked questions and answers
Q: What do I get with MSP Easy Tools?
A: You get multiple products designed to effortlessly increase your MRR (monthly recurring revenue) that you can resell to all of your customers. And we're constantly creating and adding new products – so this product will only get better with time! All of the products are based on Office 365 and are intended to make your life and your customers' lives easier by increasing security, connectivity and giving you real peace of mind. All the products are developed for MSPs by an MSP.
Q: What do I have to do?
A: You don't have to do much at all. Minimum effort, maximum results! MSP Easy Tools utilises a bespoke launcher to access a suite of self-service tools. You manage everything yourself: add/remove a customer for scanning, add/remove services for customers. It’s all in your hands, which is exactly the way it should be. And, it’s all really simple to manage with just a click of a button. We never need to see your customers – that’s your business, not ours. Also, you can do things in your time when you want/need to – even if that’s the middle of the night! Whatever works for you – you won’t have to wait around for us to activate something for you!
Q: How much can I charge my customers?
A: In short, you can charge whatever you want. We don't set a maximum or minimum price, it's entirely down to you. We're already selling it to our own customers with great success and know it's really easy to sell. You can charge per user, per business, per product, monthly, yearly, the choice is yours. You do the maths! You can make some serious recurring revenue, to put towards those all important business goals and investments. Just make sure you charge on a recurring basis to keep your revenue up, as that's what the products are intended for.
Q: Do I have to sign a long contract?
A: You are not tied in to any long contracts. You will be charged month by month and you can give one month's notice to cancel. There are no nasty year-long contracts to tie you in. But once you cancel, you lose access to all our services and all your customers will be removed from our system and no longer supported.
Q: Why should I use this service and not do it myself?
A: It is possible to do some of the features yourself, granted, BUT it wouldn't be possible to do them at the same level and ease, even if you employed someone to do it full time. The products offer continuous monitoring and protection which, to do manually for every single one of your customers, would be a non-stop, time-consuming and very expensive job. We've also put the security safeguards in to make sure that these security products are tamper-proof, meaning no malicious party could stop them from reporting. We've spent years developing the script and code in order to automate these processes, make them secure and relevant to you and your customer. Our product allows you to keep in control and to stay safe without the costly, time consuming and flawed process of trying to do it yourself.
Q: Do your products only work with Microsoft Office 365?
A: Yes, our products have been specifically designed to work with Office 365 solutions. However, you don't need many customers to make this service a winner. With multiple products to resell or seriously save you time, you could possibly earn your whole month's fee with just one customer on Office 365. We are actively developing new products all the time so the suite of products available will just continue to grow! (You'll have a whole library of products to benefit from before you know it). Also, just think what you're missing out on by not moving to O365. If you need help in moving customers over and not sure how to go about it, just give us a call. If you want to take out a package and this is all that's stopping you, we'll help you to move customers over to O365, for a really discounted fee. Also, don't forget that if you use Office 365 yourself, these tools are invaluable to you. Who do you think the cybercriminals would like to get their hands on most? Yes, that's right: with access to an MSP, they could have a field day. Make sure your own systems are safely monitored so you can keep your customers' details safe, give yourself peace of mind and tick those GDPR security boxes.
Q: Doesn't Microsoft already offer these services?
A: Microsoft does offer a very limited version of some aspects of our products (some of the features Microsoft offer require a high-level licence too – £35 per user per month for E5). For example, Microsoft will notify you when an email forwarder is placed on your account. However, this feature is located within the customer's portal and is the first thing cybercriminals deactivate when they compromise an account, so it's easy to work around. Also, this is not activated by Microsoft by default, you have to know how to do so and remember to actually turn this on. Our Email Forwarder Alert cannot be deactivated as it is in an independent system and consistently checks throughout the day and night. Additionally, the Email Forwarder Alert scans all domains and all email addresses in your portal – full coverage. Also, it can send the notification email to anyone you want, even if they do not have Office 365. It can go to the person who has the account and to someone else – All fully configurable by you. Microsoft do offer excellent services and this is supplemental to enhance those offerings.
Q: Do you need access to my Office 365 portal passwords? Or customers portals?
MSP Easy Tools utilises a bespoke launcher to access a suite of self-service tools. You manage everything yourself: add/remove a customer for scanning, add/remove services for customers. It’s all in your hands, which is exactly the way it should be. And, it’s all really simple to manage with just a click of a button. We never need to see your customers – that’s your business, not ours. Also, you can do things in your time when you want/need to – even if that’s the middle of the night! Whatever works for you – you won’t have to wait around for us to activate something for you!
Q: Can I white-label this?
A: Yes, you can white-label some of the products. For example, you can send out some of the reporting emails with your own logo and from your own email address. However, we need to make sure that the email address we send out from can't be spoofed and the one we send from is totally protected from this, to keep you and your customers safe. Obviously with individual MSPs email addresses, we cannot verify this or keep track of them. Also, our email address that sends out the reports is a very suitable notification one and does not reference MSP Easy Tools at all.
Q: Can my customers buy direct from MSP Easy Tools?
A: No, we are only reselling through MSP's. We will not be dealing with end users, so you don't need to worry that they'll be coming to us and undercutting prices. It's your price that counts. Also, because they're one of your O365 customers, no other MSP can come in and steal your pricing on this. So, it's a product that helps to buy customer loyalty and retention
Q: Is there a limit to the number of customers I can have on the service?
A: No, as long as they are using Office 365, you can use the MSP Easy Tools products.
Q: How do I add a new customer
You have full control to add and delete customers/ It is all in your hands. We never need to see your customers – that’s your business, not ours. Also, you can do things in your time when you want/need to – even if that’s the middle of the night! Whatever works for you – you won’t have to wait around for us to activate something for you!
Q: Can I have multi-factor authentication on the account I have to use for this?
A: Yes, of course and we actively recommend that you do.       
Q: Do you have any marketing material to help us sell to our customers?
A: Of course! We will provide educational and promotional material that you can use for your customers in order to help you sell more easily (we know, it's almost too good to be true!). We will continue to update any marketing material to keep it fresh, relevant and accurate. All of this content can be easily white-labelled with your logos too.
Q: Can I demo the products?
A: Yes - just click the button on this page to book a demo today. Remember you also get 1 months FREE trial
Q: What happens if I want to cancel?
A: You are free to cancel your service anytime you wish, with one month's notice. Just notify one month in advance. At the end of the month, all of yours and your customers services will stop.
Q: How do I make payment?
A: By GoCardless direct debit, which is a secure worldwide platform for taking direct debits. You'll be covered by a full direct debit guarantee. The payment will be drawn automatically each month and you won't need to do anything. Your invoice will be emailed to you at the beginning of each month, for payment later that month.
Q: Does this guarantee that my customers won't ever be hacked?
A: Though we'd love to say that, as sensible MSP owners, we both know that this is a very bold claim. It isn't 'blocking' them as such, but letting you know as soon as any suspicious activity is detected, so that you and your customer can act instantly before it becomes a problem and any data is stolen or damage done. Basically, you are making the cybercriminal's life much, much more difficult. They may try to gain entry, but they aren't going to hang around for long when all of the alarm bells are ringing and the security forces are on their way – because essentially, that's what it's like. In the words of GDPR, you are showing 'due care' so that you and your customers can rest easy.
Q: My customers use multi-factor authentication on their O365 so they don't need this?
A: Multi-factor authentication or MFA as it's also commonly known is an authentication method where access to systems is granted only after presenting two or more pieces of evidence that you are who you say you are. The problem with this is that it can give a false sense of security, as outlined below:
  • sometimes this authentication goes to an email and obviously if someone has breached your system, this won't be very effective.
  • Even if you receive your code through a text message to your mobile phone, there are still ways that hackers are getting around this. Cybercriminals are socially engineering the mobile phone companies into allowing them to clone a victim's SIM card. So, they then receive a copy of any messages sent to it, which means your MFA code.
  • Some hackers are even contacting mobile phone customers directly and claiming that they need an MFA code in order to verify the customer's identity. Once the hacker receives the code, they then change the recovery information on all your accounts. If someone is going to give away their code, there is nothing to stop them except training and monitoring systems, just in case.
  • Even if you use an authenticator app to accept your code, there is still a window of opportunity for hackers to steal this. True it is only a 30 – 60 second slot, but do you know if you or your employees have logged in from a coffee shop's wi-fi, for example? Were they actually on a trusted wi-fi? It is really easy to set up a rogue one and hackers do this specifically to steal trusted information/codes.
  • What about the hackers who are impersonating websites and getting users to enter their MFA credentials in order to take over their account. Once in the user is none the wiser – you need to know if this has happened.
  • We all know we are bombarded with messages every day of our lives. If one of your employees received an MFA request whilst they were in your system, might they just accept it thinking it was because they were accessing the system? Can you be sure? People are always the weakest link.
  • Furthermore, cybercriminals are incredibly intelligent and they run a robust business operation – it's no longer just the teenage kid in his bedroom. They have their fingers in all the pies. It's only a matter of time before they will find some way to break through MFA. You need to make sure you are monitoring at all times if you want to be safe and in control.
MFA is much better than just a password, but it is definitely not unbreakable.

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